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Acupuncture / Dry Needling 

What is Dry Needling?


Dry needling is a form of Western Acupuncture.


Why Choose us?


When choosing your Acupuncture therapist its important to know what you need your acupuncture for. 


We deal with musculoskeletal problems. Back pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip , Knee and Ankle pain.

We carry out Dry needling in clinic as part of Chiropractic treatment. Combining two modalities has been shown to give the best patient outcomes therefore thats how we do it. 

What is the aim of Dry needling ?


The aim of Dry needling in our Liverpool Clinic is to relax your muscular and fascial tissue. We do this by needling active and latent trigger points. 

Does acupuncture hurt? 

Generally NO. The needles are so fine sometimes you may not know they have been in. 

Chiropractor performing Acupuncture .JPG

Booking in


If Dry needling sounds like it is something you would like to try, give us a call and we will organise your appointment.

Thank you for choosing City Chiropractic.

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