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Karina Fawcett | Grief and Trauma Counsellor | Reflexologist | Liverpool

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Grief and Trauma Counsellor based in Liverpool City Centre
Grief and Trauma Counsellor Liverpool

My name is Karina Fawcett and I am a grief and trauma therapist specialising in loss.

If you have lost a job, a relationship, a childhood, a pet, a loved one in death or anything else significant to your life then going through the grieving process is normal but difficult to do alone. That's where talking therapy comes into its own.

I am also a reflexologist and massage therapist helping people with many different physical and emotional problems achieve better mental and physical health.

For more information or to book with Karina visit our website or drop us a message.

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Karina is a fantastic listener and knows when and how to say the right things. Her strategies on working through grief helps you find closures and she delicately turns loss it into something that is honoured without it needing to define who you are. I highly recommend.

Me gusta
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